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7 marathons. 7 continents. All for the healing power of music.

Join Nick Stark (Stukel) on his journey to become the first medical student to run marathons on every continent while raising funds and awareness for Musicians On Call.

Get involved today! 

100% of money raised goes directly to Musicians On Call (a 501(c)3 non-profit) to bring live music to hospital patients'  bedsides, utilizing music as a vital component of the healing process. 

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$4 -- Sideline Support: The hundreds along the side of the marathon course make long-distance running possible. Get a custom Strums & Strides sticker or wristband for your contribution.

$25 -- Pacer: Pacers are vital to every long run, and you will receive regular email updates as the journey progresses (and the sticker or wristband of course!). 

$50 -- Running Partner: join the adventure as a Running Partner and get all of the above, along with a personal note from Nick.

$100 -- Travel Buddy: as a Travel Buddy, you will be recognized on the website and in printed materials, as well as receive email updates and a personal letter.

$500 --  Seven Continents Club: for your generous support, join Nick across the world with your name or a short phrase on Nick's 7 Continent jersey, as well as everything listed above.

*Any donations $2,500 or greater will receive two tickets to an exclusive Musicians On Call gala event on the East Coast, as well as everything listed above.

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